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voes on shovelhead Fuel needle and seat need replacement. PM rear brake with pie slice front. 00 79-82 XL (band Style): $359. You will need an adapter to fit the cv to the bendix intake manifold. Single and dual fire. I forget about this. Hopefully the same opportunity will present itself in the future. Correct as required. Try this for the VOES: VOES CALIBRATION (specific to Evo engine models only) The VOES has a vacuum line that connects it to the carburetor. Oh crap. Permalink. Harley-Davidson recommends that you check the 2002 Sportster's vacuum-operated electrical switch and petcock vacuum hoses for condition and proper installation before starting the timing procedure. Under high vacuum, the switch closes and advances ignition timing. Shop the best {0} for your motorcycle at J&P Cycles. 1966-1971 FLH / 1971-1975 FLH. Get free shipping, 4 cashback and 10 off select brands with a Gold Club membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket Shovelhead Vintage Harley-Davidson Parts & Accessories & motorcycle parts. Quantity. DYNA S ELECTRONIC IGNITION INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Part No. See attached file I knew those manuals would come in handy Thanks to Speed for allowing us to download and thanks to those who contributed Re: Evo ignition on Shovelhead. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Harley Universal 4" Mercury VOES Vacuum Operated Electrical Switch 15194 at the best online prices at eBay! GTA Vice City Harley-Davidson Shovelhead Mod was downloaded 157942 times and it has 5. Hold the switch close to your ear and squeeze the vacuum pump slowly. This uses evo rockers and oils through the pushrod just like the evo motor. Pulling up on the 1979 12' long 1976 Shovelhead "Spew Monkey". A. Under PerTronix Performance Brands' leadership, Spyke concentrates on High Output Charging Systems, Heavy Duty Starter Drives and Jack Shaft Kits, High Flow Fuel Petcocks, and High Torque Starters, including the game changing Stealth Starter that is the industry's only fully . 3. A bad regulator/ rectifier will result in a dead battery, and once the battery is competely dead you will not get a spark. This is designed to work with or without VOES input. " The spark starts the fuel burn on one side of the dome, creating heat and pressure on the end gas on the other side of the dome. 583. If the engine change sound when you do this, you have a leak. 6. 187" receptacle terminal. 1. We recommend you use H-D® VOES P/N 26566-91. 80 cid, S&S super e with thunder jet and K&N air filter, valva touch lifters/blocks/rods, sifton cobra cam, cycle shack staggered duel pipes, ultima singal fire ignition with voes, Revera Pro clutch, Dyno tuned 74 hp / 78 tq SAE 2016 Eastern Shovelhead frame 20. ve owned this bike in several forms since 1985. -Handle bar has a starter button, toggle engine kill switch and brake lever switch. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Item number 741204. Get a can of WD40 or a similiar penetrating fluid, with an extended straw. Drop us a line or give us a call and let our expert customer service team help you find exactly what you're looking for, every time. I currently ride a 2002 Honda shadow spirit 1100. Replace any hoses, or the VOES . Item number 741203. It's mostly stock. That means a 4 speed tranny. Harley Davidson Shovelhead FLH service manual provides step-by-step instructions based on the complete disassembly of the machine. We would like to thank you for supporting Johnny Rosenski in this year's competition. Fuel petcock left on while bike not running. a bad VOES would not, in itself, cause a bottom end knock. Now let's start the motor. all it does is retard the timing a few degrees to prevent detonation. He first became known as Indian Larry in the 1980s when he was riding the streets of New York City on a chopped Indian motorcycle. 4. Baby Ape's with hidden wiring and late model riser! Starter motor assembly, chrome (OEM 31559-89T) € 287,49. 741203. 010 overbore 74" shovel right now with mild headwork, an original 440 sifton cam, S&S "B" with a Power tube, using a voes & a programmable ignition,2 into 1 collector exhaust. Keeping Shovels Alive. These problems can be costly and difficult to repair. i was trimming down the accessories by getting rid of things i didnt need. Wire the coil directly to the battery using an air conditioning relay. SHOVELHEAD FORUM shovel*jack. Here’s a largely misunderstood part. somewhere along the line i lost my starter button and neutral light. blinkers, horn, etc. S&S Cycle® Silver Standard Band Intake Manifold for Late 1978-1984 Harley Models with Shovelhead Engine and No VOES Unit - Made in U. No surprise. This photograph (Basic Harley Wiring Diagram 1980 Shovelhead Wiring Diagram Wiring with regard to Harley Davidson Wiring Diagram Download) earlier mentioned is classed using: davidson, diagram, download, . S&S Cycle Super E Carburetor Kit 1979-85 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL with VOES. After reading a bunch of threads, I would like to keep the VOES. Connecting the Wires. Offering all of the same features as the 2000P The VOES is a motorcycle part described as a vacuum ignition retard device. Part #. Save 10% ($68. Don't think he messed with the switches. S&S E, VOES, confused. Links to useful Shovelhead tools How to build a High Performance Shovelhead Engine. 00 79-84 Shovelhead (band-style, 5/6 gal. The Shovelheads weren't originally fitted with the VOES since most of them were low compression and generally they do not have problems with pre-ignition. British Magazine - 1974 FLH 1200. 00 ; Votes Received 1 ; Last 10 Day Average N/A Indian Larry (born Lawrence DeSmedt; April 28, 1949 – August 30, 2004) was a motorcycle builder and artist, stunt rider, and biker. Grid List. That is, under low vacuum conditions the switch is open and has no effect on ignition timing. By the way, don't throw that VOES out, a new one costs $65. The check is simple. The graph on the left is the OEM (VOES) and the one on the graph on the right is the RACE. If you have questions, we have the answers. 2. Update on this bike. Remove the Harley carb pilot jet. 00) Knuckel head pan head tin primary cork gasket with new screws antique (US $15. If you are on facebook and not in the shovelhead us facebook group send me a friend request and I will add you up. I. Cycle World - 1967 FLH Road Test. • VOES SWITCH OPERATION • STATIC TIMING DYNA 2000I (2KI) PROGRAMMABLE IN-CONE IGNITION The Dyna 2000i (2Ki) is a completely self contained programmable ignition system that mounts entirely in the cone on EVO and Shovelhead engines. . 97) H-d 1200cc big bore kit 1986-90, gaskets, rings, pistons complete(US $114. Many upgrades. 00! Good luck on this. 00 83-85 XL (band Style, VOES unit): $359. The . Connect the purple wire from the DYNA 2000I to the VOES with the . 1977 Confederate Edition. Not Ranked. Dyna 2000i. tanks): $359. Open = Retarded mode (6 degrees or so). Cycle World - 1971 Super Glide Article. Display. For new members who would like to register, please go to the top of the page and click “Register”. Remove the stock purple wire from the VOES. i have … read more Attach the vacuum line for the VOES switch. XsSpeed Choppers added a new photo to the album: Spew Monkey - 2019. Swapped out the Harley Carb for an S&S Super E. 5. Progressive springs in the forks with progres These units are designed for using a VOES switch. So now let's open the throttle a little bit - air rushes in, fills the vacuum and the VOES switches to OFF. Harley Davidson Shovelhead Getting a New Electronic Ignition von Pacific Mike vor 7 Monaten 13 Minuten, 25 Sekunden Aufrufe Harley, Davidson Shovelhead is getting a new, Single, Fire, Dual Sparkplug, Dual, Coil,, Computer Programmable, Ignition, System. Each character gets 5 Background points upon character generation. I wanted to get the opinion of some people. In this case, the green VOES LED will not illuminate at idle. Any tips or thoughts on that. Step 4 - Attach the fuel line with a new clamp. When closed, the timing is retarded. per page. Posts: 254. Mine is 7. It is this level of detail, along with hundreds of photos and illustrations, that guide the reader through each service and repair eManualOnline. NOTE: S&S does not recommend chrome plating the Super E or G carburetor. GMA Dual Piston Calipers F & R w/drilled rotors. I’m running the following: -a hella single beam headlight. However, I can't find any reasonable way for a shovelhead to have any of them upon Embrace, except probably Generation, as he loses all he had from his life as a mortal. Your support helps us contribute to the fight against animal abuse by providing caring services for each animal while finding their forever homes. I know it was long in coming, but apparently someone grabbed it days after I looked at it. com is the powersports specialist. Take the cable bracket off. On a shovelhead, with stock compression - 7. The "MODE" switch MUST coincide to if you are running a single or double fire ignition! The engine will not run if the mode switch setting does not match the wiring hookup (i. Add to list. 51 forged wiseco pistons,80 SS flywheels. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a RPM Membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket Harley-Davidson VOES Switches & motorcycle parts. Before electronic ignition, they used points with centrifical advance, at start up the timing is like 5 deg BTDC, and max advance around 1600rpm at 35 deg BTDC. I've got a '72 FLH that I've had for about 8 years, and after all this time, the clutch adjustment still baffles me. Alumium Casting; SWITCH (VOES) This includes most models prior to 1985. During normal operation, the green VOES LED should illuminate during idle. Position Name: A to Z Name: Z to A Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Created on. 80 cid, S&S super e with thunder jet and K&N air filter, valva touch lifters/blocks/rods, sifton cobra cam, cycle shack staggered duel pipes, ultima singal fire ignition with voes, Revera Pro clutch, Dyno tuned 74 hp / 78 tq SAE 1977 Confederate Edition. It senses high and low manifold vacuum and signals the ignition to change its advance slope. Gas line through the pigtail and to the carb inlet. Reroute. Float level wrong. More HARD STARTING - COLD: 1. My manual shows the line coming off of the carb (now intake manifold with the S&S) to the VOES . With the VOES open (at WOT) the VOES is activated and will ramp the timing from 500 rpm Save 10% ($9. Electronic ignition Shovelhead 70-84. Here is one for sale on Ebay. with the engine at idle and making the knock, kill the ignition and listen. Shop the best Shovelhead Vintage Harley-Davidson Parts & Accessories for your motorcycle at J&P Cycles. Mild stretch and rake on stock HD black powdercoated frame ThunderHeader, Leather bags FXWG 21" front, Stretched Softail tanks, LaPera Gel seat, Fat Bob rear fender. you can tell if you have a problem with the flywheels with a simple test. Attach the vacuum line for the VOES switch. Clean, clear and correct as required. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts & Accessories\Motorcycle Parts\Air Intake & Fuel Delivery\Carburettors & Parts". Vapor lock malfunctions, fuel injectors, and defective pressure gauges are among the most reported problems with a Harley’s fuel system. That can simply be capped to prevent leakage. SS oil pump, SS super E carb. Discussion Starter · #42 · Dec 4, 2009. S. O. The item "Vacuum-Operated Electrical Switch (VOES) For Harley Davidson Motorcycles 1984-90" is in sale since Sunday, May 21, 2017. Rank Points 127 ; Average Vote 4. Hello from FL. Re: installing VOES on SHovelhead « Reply #3 on: October 01, 2019, 02:22:42 PM » Did this for my shovel with crane ign and just used regular 1/8 vacuum/wiper washer hose off a chevy. $18. Bike Year, Make, Engine: 1977 HD Superglide FXE, shovel head. With my excitement to swap I didn't track the vacuum line that was on top of the old carb that went to the VOES. Compression Calculator. May 19, 2020 · The regulator/ rectifier is a voltage regulator that keeps the battery supplied with a steady 13. Big Bike - 1975 FX & FXE Road Test. Sort by. 4 dc volts no matter what the stator is putting out, which is AC volts that varies with engine RPM. VOES MAX TIMING The VOES timing is variable from 500 rpm up to the programmed VOES max rpm value selected on S8 of switch 1 and S1 - S2 of switch 2. 95 Quick view Compare a bad VOES would not, in itself, cause a bottom end knock. The VOES is a motorcycle part described as a vacuum ignition retard device. Eastern Atom Forks ED 3/8 dropouts in black. Some prefer to plug this tube instead. The VOES is either up in the tunnel of the fuel tank or on the choke cable bracket. I'm rebuilding a . If there is no tach, the green wire is left unconnected. View as. Zenith/Bendix 38mm Carburetor Import rebuild kit (repl. Twin Tec internal ignition. I found a beautiful 79 shovel that would be within my range if I can work out the $. DSS-2 for 1970 and later Harley-Davidsons [The 056-2 should be used with coils having 5 ohms primary resistance for street i have a 78 shovelhead fl. So, I think your problem is simply too much advance coupled with the missing VOES. The push throttle cables needs to be routed to the outside of the rocker box oil line. Harley-Davidson Shovelhead and Evolution Big Twins70 to99 (Haynes Service & Repair Manual) by Tom Schauwecker. 78 Harley Davison FXWG Shovelhead Custom. Slip a little washer on to the bolt; then mount the VOES at this location, and secure it using the bolt and washer. Dyna S. CHROME PLATING THE CARBURETOR. 4 8 12 24 48. Theres a switch for VOES retard(off) 4 switches that depending on combination change the advance curve and rev limit and one for single/dual fire. You can damage the engine if the VOES is not connected or not functioning properly. CYCLE SHACK INC. you cannot select single fire mode with a dual fire coil hookup). Shovelhead Clutch Adjustment (too old to reply) John Haas 2003-08-28 01:19:14 UTC. I have the ign mode in Race (No VOES) even though it says it's for high compression motors. The Harley VOES switch remains closed until vacuum is introduced. 1973 Harley superglide shovelhead. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 79) today when you shop RevZilla for your S&S Intake Manifold For Harley Shovelhead With S&S Carb! Free Shipping, Lowest Price Guaranteed & Top of the Line Expert Service. Fuel System Failures. The minimum VOES rpm is 3,500 and the maximum is 5,250. With the VOES open (at WOT) the VOES is activated and will ramp the timing from 500 rpm Intake Manifold for Harley Sportster Evolution Engines 1986-2003 With VOES Port For S&S "E" and Ultima R2 carbs Fits 1986-2003 Sportster. With the bike idling, spray around where the manifold meets the heads, and where it joins the carburator. 20 $686. For Big Twin models from1969 thru 1989 and Sportster® models from 1957 thru 1987. If you look at the timing chart for the various electronic ignitions, the "advance mode . If the VOES is not used, tape up the green wire. This Harley VOES switch has a very important function on a Harley-Davidson. Under high load, the switch signals the ignition module to . A hemi head with a domed piston and a spark plug on just one side of the chamber can be bad news that way if the compression ratio is too high, or octane is too low - think "shovelhead. The OEM (VOES) curve has 0 advances until about 700 RPM. 00 PartsGiant. Remove the switch from the bracket and the vacuum line from the carb. To do this, remove the outer-most bolt that mounts the stock fuel-pump bracket to the upper motor-mount. There needs to be a brace from the air cleaner backing plate down to the center upper crankcase bolt on an angle. The nipple for the vacuum line on the petcock is on the backside of the petcock. Purchase the S&S Cycle VOES Switch at J&P Cycles, your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories, with free everyday tech support. Electronic ignition with voes switch. 40mm Carburetor. For new members who would like to. Location: Mouseville USA. It senses vacuum behind the butterfly of the carburetor and advances or retards the ignition timing accordingly. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Now if I can just sell my Honda and gut the Dyna I'm looking at. 5:1, you wouldn't ever need a VOES. Out of 5 stars Paperback. Shovelhead US Forum; Technical; Frequently Asked Questions; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Cycle World - 1978 FLH-80 Road Test. - 16-1300 Now: $102. I am looking at moving to a Harley. If you have installed a high performance camshaft or made other major modifications, manifold pressure may run higher at idle. 69) today when you shop RevZilla for your S&S Cycle Super E Carburetor Kit For Harley Shovelhead 1966-1978! Free Shipping, Lowest Price Guaranteed & Top of the Line Expert Service. Volt tech sensor plate. This is a fun project for me. Easyrider’s Tech Tips. Starter motor assembly, black (OEM 31570-73) € 224,08. Grounded = Advance mode. They installed it. Bolt one of the carb support bracket. 95. 00 86-90 XL: $369. Yes. Fuel economy and driveability will be improved if you install a VOES and connect it to the HI-4 green wire as shown in Figures 5 and 6. . If I adjust it as the manual recommends, so there's about 1/4" free play at the lever, and Shovelhead Clutch Adjustment - rec . Also, on the unit is 4 rotary switches. The VOES is hooked up to that tract and it senses the vacuum and clicks ON. e. Mallory unilite . VOES vacuum hose not connected. As far as I remember, one can't just convert them into freebie points to use onto something else. Product description; Tags; Product description Standard ignition Switch vacuum (voes) vacuum switches (voes) (replacement parts) 700954: 84-90 FXR; 83-85 XL (replace 26557-83) harley davidson shovel head valves exhaust and intake valves antique(US $60. I think the Old meets new will work just fine. Placed by means of Tops Stars Team at July, 8 2014. 00 66-78 Shovelhead (o-ring-style): $359. The blue wire is left unconnected. Download it now for GTA Vice City! 501 Posts. Connect a vacuum pump to the fitting on the switch. SS heads, 80 GME cylinders, 9. Complete regular maintenance checks on the fuel system to guarantee that it’s running properly. Essentially, the VOES is like the vacuum advance in older type automotive distributors. I just checked the PDF fille on 1966-1984 shovelhead manual The front of the manual says the following Brake fluid thru 1975 DOT-3 Brake fluid 1975 on DOT-5 The Brake section for that manual differs slightly. in the Quarter-Finals. The nipple for the vacuum line at the carb or intake should be visible is you look at the backside of the carb from the left side of the bike. Correct fuel supply or passages. Distributor also features revolution limiting and a LED for easy static timing. These Shovelhead US Forum; Technical; Frequently Asked Questions; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Riders Plus Membership when you get a S&S Cycle VOES Switch (part number 55-1248) from J&P Cycles. So, I guess the answer to whether or not you need one is whether or not your bike will pre-ignite/ping under normal operation, especially when accelerating under a load. Until some air can get in the vacuum will stay there. Easyriders Tech Tips. Baby Ape's with hidden wiring and late model riser! VT No: 32-7804 Mallory electronic advance distributor features the option of running either single or dual fire mode when matched with the appropriate coil. You say you have a stroker, though and likely your compression is therefore higher. The Vacuum Operated Electric Switch (V. O-RING STYLE INTAKE; Each carb kit includes an S&S Super E or Super G gas carburetor with updated fuel delivery pots and idle screw, S&S teardrop air cleaner assembly, manifold (unless noted), mounting hardware, fuel line, clamps, overflow line, one extra intermediate jet and two main jets, VOES tubing (when applicable), installation and jetting instructions Jan 28, 2021 - Harley Davidson. Preparation requires polishing with abrasive buffing compounds. ) was standard equipment on all Evolution® engines and works in conjunction with most all late model electronic ignitions, both factory and aftermarket. Spray a small amount of mild carburetor or fuel injection cleaner into the pilot jet passage and mixture screw passage. 68-FLB Super Sport: 74ci Shovelhead OHV V-twin with hand-shifted four-speed transmission 68-CE Servi-Car without tow bar: 45ci flathead V-twin with three-speed-and-reverse transmission Sidecars and Chassis I'm rebuilding a . Shadow stacked integrated headset in green. So, I’m in need of a simple wiring diagram for my shovel project. JPC store knucklehead panhead shovelhead Side valve. S&S Cycle Super E Carburetor Kit 1966-78 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead. Velva touch lifter set up with ev27 cam. This is the Shovelhead engine I went over for the Guys over at Turner Customs. Salt hoops laced to Salt EX front hub, Salt EX rear cassette 9t drive 14mm axle all in . Do not allow any cleaning fluid to come in contact with the slide diaphragm (remove if needed) or the mixture screw o-ring. There is a VOES vacuum tap on the rear of the carb. 00 66-78 Shovelhead (o-ring-style, 5/6 gal. Links to useful Shovelhead tools: How to build a High Performance Shovelhead Engine. The VOES switch has no effect on wide open throttle (WOT) operation. Harley Davidson Motorcycle Service Manuals for download. Connect the vacuum line from the VOES to the top-rear inlet. 00: Sportsters: 91-03 XL: $369. 5:1 ratio. Shovelhead Manifold (10mrn Drop) RS36/48 HS42/020-42 HS42/020-42 HS42/020-42 Rubber Flange Adapter, Round inlet (with clamp**) KHS-004 HS42/018-42 HS42/018-45 HS42/018-48 Rubber Flange Adapter, Oval inlet (with clamp**) HS42/062-42 HS42/062-45 **Stainless Clamp for Rubber Flange RS36/02-17 TMX/002-32 TMX/002-32 TMX/002-32 . Since the mid-1990's Spyke, has been well known in the Harley Davidson aftermarket for innovative Performance Products. VOES tubing and additional hardware (when applicable) Installation and jetting instructions. Remove the mixture screw, spring, washer, and o-ring. Skip to the 'Programming the Ignition" section of these instructions. 85TT in black with camo Eastern decals. No kick switch on the ultima. S&M Credence Camo turtleneck topload stem 52mm reach. OEM 27132-71) $19. $641. The seller is "evolutioncustomcycles" and is located in Glasgow. HI-4 SETUP AND OPERATION Refer to the label on the HI-4. VOES Explained. It started right up, and with no miles or changes, it sou. If the carb is equipped with a overflow coming from the bottom of the bowl (this is NOT a vacuum port), direct a piece of vacuum hose down between the cylinders toward the bottom of the frame. Bolt two of the carb support bracket. Shovelhead Wiring Diagram Needed. 74 cu With a Cam , Extensive Engraving , Custom Paint On This Harley , Beautiful Bike , Billet Controls , Electric Kick Start , 4 Speed Trans , Delorto Carb , Primary Belt Drive , New Tires , Lithium Battery , Titled as a 1973 Harley , Runs Great Rides Nice Sell For 11900 OBO 407 342 8378 These units are designed for using a VOES switch. Hey all, I've been attempting to nail down the appropriate timing for my 1980 shovelhead for quite a while now and yet it still is pinging (predetonating) when the engine is warmed up, after riding a while on the highway, when I apply throttle at low RPM, particularly when getting going from a. 59 of 10 points so far. 95) 79-84 Shovelhead (band-style): $359. A lean mixture in a motorcycle will symptomatically be hard to start - and you will see less/little fuel in the carburetor and if you remove the plug(s) immediatly after starting attempts, the plugs will be dry rather than an overly rich mixture where they might be "wet" with fuel. Haynes Harley-Davidson Shovelhead and Evolution Big Twins Repair Manual for thru. 40mm venture and an adjustable main jet, set-up for 'push-pull' throttle cables and a VOES switch. Flatland Martini Bars 9″ rise in black. 00) Can-am rally 200 2x4 2006 - 2007 hi flo oil filters (2 pack) hf559 ad03(US $12. The 50 states street legal Model 1005 EX version fits all 1970-1984 Shovelhead® Big-Twin® engines, 1986-93 883 XLH Sportster® engines, 1986-87 1100 XLH Sportster® engines, and 1984-1999 1340 Evolution® Big-Twin® engines and features advance curves suitable for all street applications including high compression engines. If you look at the curves it is always advanced at least 5 degrees. The VOES will be connected to the yellow and the blue/black TPS wires. It was a beautiful bike. See more ideas about harley shovelhead, harley davidson, harley. 1973 Harley Shovelhead Old School Chopper Custom Built By Dave Perowitz. Im assuming he timed it right, kind of hard to not, put it at TDC then turn the ignition itself until the light just comes on. You may also want to spray some on the vacuum VOES line if your setup has one. E. voes on shovelhead

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